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IRI Climate Scientist Appointed to National Academies of Science's Climate Research Committee

Lisa Goddard, a climate scientist at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI), a center of the Earth Institute, Columbia University, has been appointed to the National Academies of Science's prestigious Climate Research Committee. She will be helping to promote progress in her field and give advice to government agencies on the scientific aspects of climate and climate change. The CRC also represents the United States in the World Climate Research Programme, an international body tasked with determining the impacts to which climate can be predicted as well as the impacts humans have on climate.

Goddard currently leads the IRI's work on near-term climate change. She oversees research and product development aimed at providing climate information at 10 to 20-year time frames, which can be useful for allocation and development decisions related to water, agriculture and energy, for example. At these time frames, scientists need to consider all the possible influences on climate.


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