Sample Columbia Courses Related to the Haiti Earthquake

Columbia University offers a variety of courses related to Haiti, the Caribbean region, disaster relief, and other subject matter of critical importance to scholars and practitioners as they consider the next steps for post-earthquake Haiti. Many of these courses are taught by Earth Institute faculty members or affiliates.


P8620 Protect-Child in War/Disaster (Fall)

Environmental Health Sciences P9320 Water and Infectious Diseases

EAEE E4160y Solid and Hazardous Waste Management (Spring)

P8651 Water & Sanitation-Complex Emerg (Spring)


INAF U6760 Managing Risk in Natural and Other Disasters (Fall)


ENVP U6250x Poverty, Inequality & the Environment (Fall)

INAF U8430y World Poverty: Analysis and Policy (Spring)

PUAF U8320y Research Practicum-Poverty & Public Policy (Spring)

Humanitarian Aid/Disaster/Emergencies

V3924 Anthropology and Disaster

INAF U6495y Politics & Practice of Humanitarian Assistance in the New Millennium  (Spring)

INAF U8181 Advocacy & Humanitarian Action (Fall)

INAF U8186x Humanitarian Challenges

INAF U6152x The Humanitarian Arena (Fall)

INAF U6190x Complex Emergencies: Root Causes to Rebuilding (Fall)

Haiti and the Caribbean


History W3618 The Modern Caribbean (Spring)

Intro to Caribbean Societies O3005

ITSF Y5012y Culture & Society in Caribbean

Topics in the Black Experience - C3930 Caribbean Sovereignties (Spring)

Development Economics

INAF U8145x Advanced Economic Development for Int'l Affairs (Fall)

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Courses

Earth and Environmental Sciences W4050 Global Assessment and Monitoring Using Remote Sensing (Fall)

EESC W4947 Plate Tectonics (Spring)

EESC 4300, Earth's Deep Interior

EESC V1201 Environmental Risks and Disasters (Spring)

EESC W4949 Introduction to Seismology (Fall)

EESC G6940 Marine Seismology (Not offered 2009-2010)

EESC G6949 Advanced Seismology (Not offered 2009-2010)

EESC G9945 Seismology Seminar (Fall and Spring)