2012-2013 Student Advisory Council

The Earth Institute Student Advisory Council is a student body that serves the Columbia University community by promoting relationships between student groups, developing events and panels, and assisting with student-interest program planning. One of the key tasks of the Advisory Council is to advise and suggest improvements to the professional resources that will help students gain more experience in the field of sustainability. The Council is comprised of two students each from the School of International and Public Affairs, General Studies, Barnard College, the Business School, the Law School, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia College, the School of Public Health, the School of Journalism, and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Mission: To promote and represent the vision and work of students committed to addressing sustainability objectives within the Earth Institute, Columbia University, and the wider community.

This year’s councilmembers are:

  • Erica Rose Bower
  • Sloan Coats
  • Madeline Cohen
  • Morris Cox
  • Ja Devinen
  • Liliya Djaniants
  • Risa Edelman
  • Alexis Fitts
  • Raha Hakimdavar
  • Hanna Helsingen
  • Sebastien Huberti
  • Johanna Hudgens
  • Helen Kilian
  • Robert Kite
  • Kathleen Kline
  • Tyler Lancaster
  • Colleen Lanier Christensen
  • Scott Miller
  • Elsa Ordway
  • Paul Rabino
  • Kristina Ricco
  • Kelsey Umemoto
  • Melanie Valencia
  • Christina Wong

Please click here for more information about this year’s councilmembers.