How Students Can Get Involved

Five years after the establishment of the Millennium Development Goals, Earth Institute director, Jeffrey D. Sachs was chosen to lead the UN Millennium Project, a three-year initiative to analyze policy options and develop a plan of implementation for achieving the MDGs.

Students of Columbia University and Barnard College have a number of opportunities to become involved in sustainable development, from courses and special events, to research assistantships and participation in student organizations. The Office of Academic and Research Programs in the Earth Institute connects students with these opportunities and creates new ways for them to help developing countries achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

The Earth Institute aims to create a rich educational environment for study in the earth and environmental sciences. One way that it accomplishes this objective is by providing a breadth of internship and research assistant opportunities—part-time during both semesters and full-time over the summer—for graduate and undergraduate students at Columbia.

Through these  programs, students are engaged in cutting-edge research with influential members of the science community. While this is a valuable educational experience for the students, the researchers also benefit from the enthusiasm and energy of student interns and research assistants. Interns work with scientists from the various centers and departments affiliated with the Earth Institute.

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