How to Post an Undergraduate Senior Thesis Research Internship


Undergraduate Environmental Science, Biology, and Policy majors are required to fulfill a senior thesis project. Barnard and Columbia have a number of environmental science students available to work on senior thesis projects during the summer and the academic year. The work should be within the general area of environmental science, but can involve education and/or outreach, as well as research. The best projects require some data analysis and lab or fieldwork, some literature review, and some interpretation and critical thinking by the student. A popular type of assignment is "project scoping," where the student gathers information and data as the first stage of a proposal that you are considering submitting. Typically students will be looking late spring and early September for projects during the academic year and in early spring for projects including summer and the academic year.

As a senior thesis mentor you should be available to meet with the student, at least every other week, possibly more frequently at the beginning of the project. In addition, thesis mentors are expected to provide input on draft reports and grading advice. Students provide interim reports at approximately monthly intervals, culminating in a final product in April (usually as a 40-page thesis). During the semester, students are expected to spend approximately 9 hours/week on research. A typical summer internship last for about 10 weeks and students usually receive a modest financial compensation.

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Note: Students in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B) are generally on a different schedule. E3B students often begin looking for projects through the fall and winter of their junior year, begin writing proposals in the spring term, doing research full-time for 10-12 weeks in the summer, and writing the thesis in the fall of their senior year with a final submission in December.

The following list of directions details how mentors can post information about their respective internship opportunities and how students can search for these opportunities.

Getting Started

Visit the LionShare Website via the Center for Career Education website

Login using your pre-existing account information or create a new account by clicking “Click to register!” at the bottom of the screen. Please fill in at least your contact information.

Posting a Senior Thesis Research Internship Opportunity

Once you have logged in and completed your profile information (found under “My Profile” at the top of the screen, select “New Job” under “My Job Postings” at the top of the screen.

Fill in all of the fields that you can in the “Position Information,” “Posting Information” and “Control Information” categories.

Note: When filling out the “Position Type” under the “Posting Information” section please select “Undergraduate Senior Thesis Research Internship”

Click “Save when you have finished filling in the fields.

You can return to your homepage by clicking “Home” at the top of the screen.

Viewing Resumes

Resumes will be collected in your LionShare account.

You can manage them by clicking “Job List” under “My Job Postings” at the top of the screen.

Clicking “R” under “Activity” will allow you to view and print resumes.

Editing Your Senior Thesis Research Internship Posting

Should you wish to edit your senior thesis internship after it has been posted, you can simply log in to your account. Select “Job List” under “My Job Postings.”

Select the Job ID (this is provided to you by the Center for Career Education) for the posting that you intend to edit.

Click “Edit” in the “Position Information” section to alter the text in the posting. 

How to Apply for an Undergraduate Senior Thesis Research Internship

Getting Started – For First Time Users of LionShare

Visit the LionShare Website via the Center for Career Education website

Login using your UNI account information.

Complete all required information under the “Profile Information” and “Demographic Information.” Click “Continue” once this is completed.

Click “Submit Profile”

Searching for a Senior Thesis Research Internship Opportunity

Under the main tab click “Job Search”

For “Position Type” select “Undergraduate Senior Thesis Research Internship”

Click “Search”

All of the Senior Thesis Internships posted by mentors will be listed on the page.

Click on the internships that are of interest. Students can apply directly for the opportunity by clicking “Apply Now” in order to submit your uploaded resume directly to the selected mentor.

How to Upload Your Resume on to LionShare

Click on “My Account” from the main tab. A drop down list will appear. Select “My Documents.”

Scroll down to the Resumes section and click “Upload File.”

Note: It is recommended that students upload PDF versions of their resume in order to preserve the formatting of the document

Fill out the “Document Name” and Select the file to upload. You’ll be contacted by your potential mentor to discuss further steps, if he/she is interested in working with you.