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Topic: International Trade

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"Obama, the G20, and the 99 Percent," Huffington Post, November 1, 2011. [Download as PDF]


"Rethink the Global Money Supply." Scientific American. June 2009.

"G20 Accomplishments Beyond Expectation." Huffington Post. 2 April 2009. [Download as PDF]

"3 billion poor people need world's help." 20 March 2009. [Download as PDF]


"Priorities for Fixing the Financial Crisis." Scientific American. December 2008.

"Elite Education, Advanced Research and Innovation - Europe and the US in the Face of Challenges from the 'New World'" 8th Haniel Lecture, Duisburg, Germany, November 13, 2008
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"Boom, Bust, and Recovery in the World Economy." Project Syndicate. October, 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Coping with a Persistent Oil Crisis." Scientific American. October 2008.

"The Best Recipe for Avoiding a Global Recession." Financial Times. 27 October 2008. [Download as PDF]

"A User's Guide to the Century." The National Interest. 2 July 2008. [Download as PDF]


"Aid Skeptics Thrive on Pessimism." Los Angeles Times. 7 May 2006.
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The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time, The Penguin Press: New York, 2005.


"How to Run the IMF," Foreign Policy, July-August 2004.
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"The Challenges Facing Landlocked Developing Countries," with Michael L. Faye, John W. McArthur, and Thomas Snow, Journal of Human Development, Vol. 5, No. 1, March 2004.
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"Welcome to the Asian Century," Fortune Magazine, January 12, 2004
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"Panel Discussion- Promoting Better National Institutions: The Role of the IMF," with Jeffrey Frankel, Nancy Birdsall and Guillermo Ortiz, IMF Staff Papers, Special Issue: IMF Third Annual Research Conference, Vol. 50, 2003.
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"Spring Broke: Trade Negotiations Gone Wild," The New Republic, September 22, 2003.
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"China's Growth after WTO Membership," with Wing Thye Woo, Journal of Chinese Economics and Business Studies, Vol. 1, No. 1., January 2003.
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"Geography, Economic Policy, and Regional Development in China," with Sylvie Demurger, Wing Thye Woo, Shuming Bao, Gene Chang, and Andrew Mellinger, Asian Economic Papers, Vol. 1 No. 1, Winter 2002, pp. 146-197.
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(previously CID Working Paper no. 77, October 2001 [PDF]).

The Latin American Competitiveness Report 2001-2002, (co-editor) World Economic Forum, Oxford University Press, New York, 2002.

"Duhalde’s Wrong Turn," Financial Times, January 11, 2002
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"Benchmarking Competitiveness in Transition Economies," with Clifford Zinnes and Yair Eilat, Economics of Transition,  Vol. 9 (2),  pp. 315-53, 2001.
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"Economic Development in Central America" edited by Felipe B. Larrain.  Harvard University Press, 2001.

"The Strategic Significance of Global Inequality," in The Washington Quarterly, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 187-198, Summer 2001.

"What's good for the poor is good for America," The Economist.  July 12, 2001
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"The Benefits of a Weaker Yen". Financial Times. April 18, 2001. CIDNEWS [Download as PDF]


The Global Competitiveness Report 2000, (co-editor) World Economic Forum, Oxford University Press, New York, 2000.

  • "Executive Summary: Current Competitiveness and Growth Competitiveness" with Michael Porter and Andrew Warner.
  • "Globalization and International Competitiveness: Some Broad Lessons of the Past Decade" with Andrew Warner.

"The Charade of Debt Sustainability," Financial Times, 26 September 2000. [Download as PDF]

"Glorifying Mediocrity." The International Economy. May/June 2000, p14. [Download as PDF]

"A Blueprint for IMF Reform," with Allan Meltzer, The Wall Street Journal, March 8, 2000, The Asian Wall Street Journal, March 9, 2000, and The Wall Street Journal Europe, March 9, 2000. [Download as PDF]

"Some Export Advice," with Nirupam Bajpai, The Telegraph, February 28, 2000. [Download as PDF]

"Lowering Revenue Deficit, Subsidies Hold Key to Fiscal Consolidation," with Nirupam Bajpai, The Rediff Pre-Budget Special, February 24, 2000. [Download as PDF]


"The IMF's New Leader," Financial Times, November 18, 1999.

"The Manufactured Exports, Export Platforms, and Economic Growth: Insights from Asia for Egypt," with Steven Radelet and Lisa Cook, HIID May 1999.
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"Pattern of Trade and Economic Development in the Model of Monopolistic Competition," with X. Yang and D. Zhang, CID Working Paper No. 14, April 1999.
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"An Inframarginal Analysis of the Heckscher-Olin Model with Transaction Costs and Technological Comparative Advantage," with W.L. Cheng and X. Yang, CID Working Paper No. 9, April 1999.
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"Trade Pattern and Economic Development when Endogenous and Exogenous Comparative Advantages Coexist," with X. Yang and D. Zhang, CID Working Paper No. 3, April 1999.
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"India's Failure on the Policy Front," with Nirupam Bajpai, The Economic Times, (ET Exclusive: Harvard Pundits Reset the Agenda) February 9, 1999. [Download as PDF]

"Strengthening India's Strategy," with Nirupam Bajpai, The Economic Times, (ET Exclusive: Harvard Pundits Reset the Agenda) February 8, 1999.
(previously working paper "Strengthening India's Strategy for Economic Growth," with Nirupam Bajpai, HIID Development Discussion Paper no. 641, July 1998.) [Download paper as PDF file]

"Self-inflicted Wounds," Financial Times, January 22, 1999. [Download as PDF]


"Shipping Costs, Manufactured Exports, and Economic Growth" with Steven Radelet, presented at 1998 AEA meetings in Chicago, published in Proceedings volume.
[Download paper as PDF]

"External Debt, Structural Adjustment and Economic Growth," in International Monetary and Financial Issues for the 1990's, Volume IX. Conference volume for United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 1998.

"Money Order," with Nirupam Bajpai, The Telegraph, 21 December 1998. [Download as PDF]

"Sales Across the Seas," with Nirupam Bajpai, The Telegraph, 7 December 1998. [Download as PDF]

"Global Capitalism: Making it Work," Economist, September 12, 1998.
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"Toward a New Strategy for Asian Recovery," Singapore Straits-Times, 26 July 1998. [Download as PDF]


"The IMF: A Power unto Itself," Financial Times, December 11, 1997. [Download as PDF]

"International Monetary Failure? The IMF's prescriptions might actually make Asia's financial turmoil worse," Time, December 8, 1997. [Download as PDF]

"The Wrong Medicine for Asia," The New York Times, November 3, 1997. [Download as PDF]

"POINT: Jeffrey Sachs says Asia's miracle is still alive," Time, September 29, 1997.

"Exchange rate tectonics," Worldlink, May/June 1997.


"International Trade and Wage Inequality in the United States: Some New Results," with Howard J. Shatz, HIID Development Discussion Paper #524, February 1996.
[Download paper as PDF]


"Trade and Jobs in U.S. Manufacturing," with Howard Shatz, in Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Issue 1, 1994, and in Economic Policy, ed. Paul Whiteley, Gloucester, England: Elgar Publishing. [Download as PDF]

"Beyond Bretton Woods: A new blueprint," The Economist, October 1, 1994.

"What the IMF should advise Ukraine," Financial Times, July 29, 1994. [Download as PDF]

"IMF, Reform Thyself," Wall Street Journal, July 21, 1994. [Download as PDF]

"Inflation, Debt, and Liquidity," with Kevin McDonald, Harvard Business Review, May-June 1994.

"Toward Glasnost in the IMF," in Challenge, May/June 1994. [Download as PDF]

"Russia: IMF gives too little, too late," Financial Times, March 31, 1994. [Download as PDF]


"Open trade vital to former communists," The Kikkei Weekly, October 18, 1993.

"The Road to the Market," Washington Post, March 28, 1993.


"Building a Market Economy in Poland," Scientific American, March 1992. [Download as PDF]


"Global Adjustments to a Shrinking U.S. Trade Deficit," Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Issue 2, 1988.
[Download paper as PDF]

"Prospects for Global Trade Imbalances: A Simulation Approach," Seoul Journal of Economics, Vol. 1, No. 1, (Seoul National University), pp. 41-74, March, 1988. Also published in Advanced Lectures in Quantitative Economics, F. van der Ploeg (ed.), Academic Press, 1990. [Download as PDF]


"Contractionary Devaluation and Dynamic Adjustment of Exports and Wages," with F. Larrain, NBER Working Paper Series, No. 2078, November, 1986.
[Download paper as PDF]


"The Current Account and Exchange Rates in the OECD," presented at 5th International Conference of the University of Paris-Dauphine on Money and International Monetary Problems, June 15-17, 1981, and published in conference volume, E. Glaassen and P. Salin (eds.), Recent Issues in the Theory of Flexible Exchange Rates (North-Holland: Amsterdam), 1983.


"Japanese Structural Adjustment and the Balance of Payments," with Peter Boone, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, Vol. 2, Issue 3, pp. 286-327, September 1988. [Download as PDF]

"Macroeconomic Adjustment with Import Price Shocks: Real and Monetary Aspects," with Michael Bruno, NBER Working Paper Series, No. 340, April, 1979. [Download paper as PDF]