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"High stakes at the UN on the Sustainable Development Goals," The Lancet, September 19, 2013.

"New United Nations initiative on sustainable development comes to campus," Columbia Spectator, September 17, 2013.

"Global Development’s Winning Goals," Project Syndicate, August 27, 2013.

"A General Equilibrium Model for Analyzing African Rural Subsistence Economies and an African Green Revolution," with John W. McArthur, Brookings Africa Growth Initiative Working Paper 12, June 2013.

"Sustainable Visions," Project Syndicate, June 7, 2013.

"The One-Million Community Health Worker Campaign," with Prabhjot Singh, Global Health and Diplomacy, Winter 2013. Download as [PDF]


"Government, Geography, and Growth: The True Drivers of Economic Development," Foreign Affairs, September/October 2012. Download as [PDF]

"Finding the Keys to National Prosperity," Project Syndicate, September 26, 2012. Download as [PDF]

"Achieving universal health coverage in low-income settings," The Lancet, September 8, 2012. Download as [PDF]

"Tackling Extreme Rural Poverty in Northern Ghana," Huffington Post, August 28, 2012. Download as [PDF]

"How Malawi Fed Its Own People," International Herald Tribune, April 19, 2012. [Download as PDF]

"How I would lead the World Bank," Washington Post, March 1, 2012. [Download as PDF]

"A World Bank for a New World," Project Syndicate, February 24, 2012. [Download as PDF]


"A budget plan that puts people first." with Congressman Mike Honda. CNN. May 23, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"The People's Budget." The Huffington Post. April 8, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"The Arab World's Agents of Change." International Herald Tribune. March 28, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Need Versus Greed," Project Syndicate, February 28, 2011. [Download as PDF]


"Growth in a Buddhist Economy," Project Syndicate, August 25, 2010. [Download as PDF]

"Sow the seeds of long-term growth." Financial Times, July 21, 2010. [Download as PDF]

"Educated women hold the key to ending poverty." The Independent. April 18, 2010. [Download as PDF]

"After the earthquake, how to rebuild Haiti from scratch." The Washington Post. 17 January 2010. [Download as PDF]


"American has passed on the baton." Financial Times. 29 September 2009.

"Digital Soil Map of the World." with Pedro A. Sanchez, Sonya Ahamed, Florence Carré, Alfred E. Hartemink, Jonathan Hempel, Jeroen Huising, Philippe Lagacherie, Alex B. McBratney, Neil J. McKenzie, Maria de Lourdes Mendonça-Santos, Budiman Minasny, Luca Montanarella, Peter Okoth, Cheryl A. Palm, Keith D. Shepherd, Tor-Gunnar Vågen, Bernard Vanlauwe, Markus G. Walsh, Leigh A. Winowiecki, Gan-Lin Zhang. Science. 7 August 2009.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearings on
"The Case for Reform: Foreign Aid and Development in a New Era", 22 July 2009
[Download in PDF format]

"Towards a global fund for the health MDGs?" with Paul Pronyk. The Lancet. 20 June 2009.

"No Need to Oversimplify Poverty." Huffington Post. 1 June 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Moyo's Confused Attack on Aid for Africa," with John McArthur. Huffington Post. 27 May 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Without Aid, Rwanda's Investment Programmes Would Have Collapsed." Financial Times. 27 May 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Aid Ironies." Huffington Post. 24 May 2009. [Download as PDF]

"The big ZERO in G20," with Brett House. Mail & Guardian. 21 April 2009. [Download as PDF]

"The Economic Need for Stable Policies, Not a Stimulus." Scientific American. March 2009. [Download as PDF]

"3 billion poor people need world's help." 20 March 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Recession Watch: Boost the Developing World." Nature. 18 February 2009.  [Download as PDF]

"Smallholder Food Production and Poverty Reduction: Principles for a Financial Coordination Mechanism to Support Smallholder Farmers." Ad Hoc Advisory Group to the Madrid Conference on Food Security,
Chaired by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs. IDEAS Foundation. 26 January 2009.
[Download as PDF]


Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet, Penguin Press, 2008.

"Extreme Poverty," with Gordon C. McCord, in The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, Second Edition, Steven N. Durlauf and Lawrence E. Blume, eds. Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.
[Download as PDF]

"Regional development, geography of," with Gordon C. McCord, in The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, Second Edition, Steven N. Durlauf and Lawrence E. Blume, eds. Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.
[Download as PDF]

"A New System for Development Aid."'s Comment. 28 November 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Elite Education, Advanced Research and Innovation - Europe and the US in the Face of Challenges from the 'New World'" 8th Haniel Lecture, Duisburg, Germany, November 13, 2008
[Download in PDF format]

"Job One: Some thoughts on what Obama's top priority should be." Washington Post. 9 November 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Scaling up Primary Health Services in Rural Tamil Nadu: Public Investment Requirements and Health Sector Reform" with Nirupam Bajpai, Ravindra H. Dholakia. CGSD Working Paper No. 36. October 2008.
[Download as PDF]

"Scaling up Primary Education Services in Rural Tamil Nadu: Public Investment Requirements and Reform" with Nirupam Bajpai, Ravindra H. Dholakia. CGSD Working Paper No. 35. October 2008.
[Download as PDF]

"Using Carbon Taxes to Pay for Development." Financial Times. 24 September 2008. [Download as PDF]

"This week should see real progress on poverty alleviation." Financial Times. 22 September 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Millennium Goals at the Midpoint." Scientific American. August 2008.

"Safety in Numbers." Time. 28 August 2008. [Download as PDF]

"The Digital War on Poverty." The Guardian. 21 August 2008. [Download as PDF]

"The Millennium Development Goals: running out of excuses." G8 Summit 2008 publication. July 2008.
[Download as PDF]

"How to Solve the Growing Global Food Crisis, in Three Steps." NY Daily News. 23 July 2008. [Download as PDF]

"A User's Guide to the Century." The National Interest. 2 July 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Less talk, more action needed." The Guardian. 25 June 2008.

"Stagflation is Back. Here's How to Beat It." Fortune. 9 June 2008.

"The African Green Revolution." Scientific American. May 2008.

"How to Feed the World." Newsweek. 10 May 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Bhagwati and Sachs on the Food Crisis." International Herald Tribune. 7 May 2008. [Download as PDF]

Slate Book Club on Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet. [Download as PDF]

"Common Wealth." TIME Magazine. March 2008. [Download as PDF]

Bien Común.”  Centro de Investigación Social, Un Techo Para Chile.  Año 7, No. 12.  Segundo Semestre 2008.  Santiago, Chile, translated from “Common Wealth” TIME Magazine, March 2008.

"Paths to Peace Through Compassion, Cooperation and Sustainable Development." SGI, 24 January 2009.


The African Millennium Villages,” with Pedro Sanchez, Cheryl Palm, Glenn Denning, Rafael Flor, Rebbie Harawa, Bashir Jama, Tsegazeab Kiflemariam, Bronwen Konecky, Raffaela Kozar, Eliud Lelerai, Alia Malik, Vijay Modi, Patrick Mutuo, Amadou Niang, Herine Okoth, Frank Place, Sonia Ehrlich Sachs, Amir Said, David Siriri, Awash Teklehaimanot, Karen Wang, Justine Wangila, and Colleen Zamba. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Special Feature: Sustainability Science, 104 , no. 43 (October, 23 2007): 1677580.

2007 Cardozo International Advocate for Peace Award: Acceptance Speech, 17 October 2007
[Download in PDF format]


"Time for Chile's Next Step in Economic Development," with Gordon C. McCord, Business Chile, November 12, 2004.

[Link to text in Spanish]

[Download as PDF]


The Global Competitiveness Report 2001-2002, (co-editor) World Economic Forum, Oxford University Press, New York, 2002.

  • "Introduction - Slowdown and Uncertainty: International Economic Networks in the Wake of September 11, 2001" with Peter Cornelius, John McArthur, Michael Porter and Klaus Schwab. [Download as PDF]
  • "Executive Summary" with Michael Porter and John McArthur. [Download as PDF
  • "The Growth Competitiveness Index: Measuring Technological Advancement and the Stages of Development," with John McArthur. [Download as PDF]

"The Essential Ingredient," New Scientist, August 17, 2002. [Download as PDF]


"Economic Development in Central America" edited by Felipe B. Larrain.  Harvard University Press, 2001.

"The Gains from Privatization in Transition Economies: Is 'Change of Ownership' Enough?," with Clifford Zinnes and Yair Eilat.  IMF Staff Papers, Vol. 48 (Special Issue), pp. 146-170, 2001.
[Download paper as PDF]

Macroeconomics and Health: Investing in Health for Economic Development, (principal author), report of the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, World Health Organization, December 2001.
[Download text of Executive Summary in PDF format]

"The Effects of the AIDS Epidemic on Economic Welfare in sub-Saharan Africa," with Dean T. Jamison and Jia Wang, Commission on Macroeconomics and Health Working Paper WG1: 13, December 2001.
[Download paper as PDF]

"The Curse of Natural Resources," with Andrew Warner, European Economic Review, Vol. 45, May 2001.
[Download article as PDF]

"The Economic Burden of Malaria," with John Luke Gallup, The Supplement to The American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, Vol. 64, No. 1, 2, pp. 85-96, January/February 2001 
[Download paper as PDF]
(previously "The Economic Burden of Malaria" with John Luke Gallup, CID Working Paper No. 52, July 2000 [PDF], previously "The Economic Burden of Malaria," with John Gallup, in Harvard International Review,Winter 1998/1999, pp. 56-61, and previously "The Economic Burden of Malaria," with John Luke Gallup, mimeo, October 1998 [PDF]) .

"Tropical Underdevelopment," NBER Working Paper 8119.  February 2001.
[Download paper as PDF]
(based on speech prepared for Economic History Association Annual Meeting, September 2000 and CID Working Paper No. 57, December 2000)
[Download paper as PDF]


"Globalization and Patterns of Economic Development," Review of World Economics, Vol. 136, No. 4, Kiel Institute of World Economics, 2000.
[Download paper as PDF]

“Understanding China’s Economic Performance” with Wing Thye Woo, The Journal of Policy Reform, Vol. 4, Issue 1, 2000; section on state enterprise sector reprinted as “The State Sector Under Reform” in Ross Garnaut and Yiping Huang (eds.), Growth Without Miracles: Readings on the Chinese Economy in the Era of Reform, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.
(previously "Understanding China's Economic Performance," with Wing Thye Woo, HIID Development Discussion Paper #575, December 1996. [PDF]) .

The Global Competitiveness Report 2000, (co-editor) World Economic Forum, Oxford University Press, New York, 2000.

  • "Executive Summary: Current Competitiveness and Growth Competitiveness" with Michael Porter and Andrew Warner.
  • "Globalization and International Competitiveness: Some Broad Lessons of the Past Decade" with Andrew Warner.

"Climate, Coastal Proximity, and Development," with Andrew Mellinger and John Gallup in Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography, edited by Gordon L. Clark, Maryann P. Feldman, and Meric S. Gertler, Oxford University Press, 2000.
[Download paper as PDF file]
(Previously "Climate, Water Navigability, and Economic Development," with Andrew Mellinger and John Gallup, CID Working Paper No. 24, September 1999. [PDF])

"Natural Resource Abundance and Economic Growth," with Andrew Warner, Leading Issues in Economic Development, Oxford University Press, 2000.
Reprinted in Spanish as "Recursos Naturales y Desarollo Economico" in Mineria y Desarollo, Gustavo Lagos (ed.), Foro en Economia de Minerales, Vol. 3, 2005.
[Download paper as PDF]
[Download Stata data file]
[Download Sata do file]
[Download data and results in Excel format]

"Agriculture, Climate, and Technology: Why are the Tropics Falling Behind?" with John Luke Gallup, American Journal of Agricultural Economics.  Vol. 82, pp. 731-777, August 2000.
[Download paper as PDF]

"Development and Goal Setting II," with Nirupam Bajpai, The Hindu, May 11, 2000. [Download as PDF]

"Economic Reforms and Constitutional Transition" with Wing Thye Woo and Xiaokai Yang. CID Working Paper No. 42, April 2000.  [Download paper as PDF]

"India's Decade of Development," in Economic and Political Weekly, Mumbai with Nirupam Bajpai, Vol. XXXV, No. 16, April 2000.
[Download paper as PDF]

"A Structural Analysis of Chile's Long-Term Growth: History, Prospects, and Policy Implications," with Felipe B. Larrain and Andrew Warner. Prepared for the Government of Chile as part of the Project "Development Strategies in the Context of Natural Resource Abundance and Global Integration: the Case of Chile," January 2000.
[Download paper as PDF]


"Developing Countries and the Control of Climate Change: A Theoretical Perspective and Policy Implications," with Theodore Panayotou and Alix Peterson. HIID CAER II Discussion Paper No. 44, November 1999. [Download as PDF]

"Why Do Resource-Abundant Economies Grow More Slowly?," with Francisco Rodriguez in Journal for Economic Growth, 4, pp. 277- 303, September 1999.
[Download paper as PDF]
(previously "Natural Resources and Economic Growth: A Quantitative Exploration," with Francisco Rodriguez, mimeo, HIID, Spring 1999 [PDF]).

"Geography and Economic Development," with John Luke Gallup and with Andrew Mellinger, International Regional Science Review, Vol. 22,  No. 2, pp. 179-232, August 1999. 
[Download paper as PDF]
(previously in Pleskovic, Boris and Joseph E. Stiglitz, eds., Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics 1998 (April), The World Bank: Washington, DC [PDF] and in Harvard International Review, Winter 1998/1999).

"Developing Countries and the Control of Climate Change: Empirical Evidence" with Theo Panayotou and Alix Peterson, CAER II Discussion Paper No. 45, August 1999. CC [Download paper as PDF]

"Developing Countries and the Control of Climate Change: A Theoretical Perspective and Policy Implications," with Theo Panayotou and Alix Peterson, prepared for UNAID/CAER II, CAER II Discussion Paper No. 44, August 1999. [Download paper as PDF]

"The Big Push, Natural Resource Booms and Growth," with Andrew Warner, Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 59, Issue 1, pp. 43-76, June 1999.
[Download paper as PDF]

"The Manufactured Exports, Export Platforms, and Economic Growth: Insights from Asia for Egypt," with Steven Radelet and Lisa Cook, HIID May 1999.
[Download paper as PDF]

"Pattern of Trade and Economic Development in the Model of Monopolistic Competition," with X. Yang and D. Zhang, CID Working Paper No. 14, April 1999.
[Download paper as PDF]

"Twentieth-Century Political Economy: A Brief History of Global Capitalism," Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Vol. 115, No. 4, Winter 1999.
[Download paper as PDF]


"Geography, Demography, and Economic Growth in Africa," with David Bloom, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Issue 2, 1998.
[Download paper as PDF]

"Geography and Economic Development: Some Empirical Findings," presented at 1998 AEA meetings in Chicago, published in Proceedings volume.
[Download paper as PDF]

"Shipping Costs, Manufactured Exports, and Economic Growth" with Steven Radelet, presented at 1998 AEA meetings in Chicago, published in Proceedings volume.
[Download paper as PDF]


"Fundamental Sources of Long Run Growth," with Andrew Warner, presented at 1997 AEA meetings in New Orleans, published in Proceedings volume.
[Download paper as PDF]

"Zimbabwe's Growth Prospects: the Steps Ahead," mimeo, HIID, January 1997.


"Chinese Economic Growth: Explanations and the Tasks Ahead," with Wing Thye Woo, in Joint Economic Committee of the United States Congress, China's Economic Future: Challenges to U.S. Policy, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington D.C., 1996.
[Download paper as PDF]

"Trends in Regional Inequality in China," with Tianlun Jian and Andrew Warner, NBER Working Paper Series no. 5412, January 1996, and China Economic Review, Vol. 7, No. 1, 1996.
[Download paper as PDF]

"Achieving Rapid Growth in the Transition Economies of Central Europe," with Andrew Warner, HIID Development Discussion Paper #544, July 1996.
[Download paper as PDF]

"Growth in Africa: It can be done," Economist, June 29-15, 1996.
[Download article as PDF]


"Natural Resources Abundance and Economic Growth," with Andrew Warner, HIID Development Discussion Paper #517a, October 1995.
[Download paper as PDF]


"International Policy Coordination: The Case of the Developing Country Debt Crisis," in Martin Feldstein, International Economic Cooperation, National Bureau of Economic Research and University of Chicago Press, 1988. [Download as PDF]

"International Payments Imbalances of the East Asian Developing Economies," with Mark Sundberg, in Fieleke, N.S. (ed.) International Payments Imbalances in the 1980s, Proceedings of a conference held in October 1988, Conference series No. 32, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. [Download as PDF]


"Contractionary Devaluation and Dynamic Adjustment of Exports and Wages," with F. Larrain, NBER Working Paper Series, No. 2078, November, 1986.
[Download paper as PDF]


"LDC Borrowing with Default Risk," with D. Cohen, Kredit und Kapital, 1985.
(previously NBER Working Paper 925).


"The Supply Approach to Oil Shocks and the Slowdown in Japanese Economic Growth," Toko Keizai Shinpo Sha (The Oriental Economist), 1981.


"Investing in Health for Economic Development: Time for US Action." Global HealthLink. March-April 2002. [Download as PDF]

"The International Economics of Transitional Growth--The Case of the United States," with Laurence Kotlikoff and Edward Leamer, Sept., 1981, NBER Working Paper Series, No. 773 [Download paper as PDF]

"Breaking the Poverty Trap." Scientific American. September, 2007. [Download as PDF]

"Progress summary of the MDGs: update for ministers." The Commonwealth Ministers Reference Book. June 2008.
[Download as PDF]

"Food For Thought." Economy Viewpoint, The Report - Senegal 2009. Oxford Business Group. April 2009.

"Can Foreign Aid Reduce Poverty?" in Controversies in Globalization, Peter M. Haas, John A. Hird, Beth McBratney eds. CQ Press, Washington DC, 2009.

"Q&A: Jeffrey Sachs on the world's post-MDG future," SciDev.Net, June 12, 2013.