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Topic: Economic Crisis

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"To save the eurozone, save the banks," Financial Times A-List, May 21, 2012. Download as [PDF]


"How America is strangling the state," Financial Times, December 15, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Let's Save the Eurozone From Itself," Sunday Business Post, November 12, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Two Parties, No Solutions to Jobs," Huffington Post, September 16, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"German hotheads are close to destroying the euro," Financial Times, September 15, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"A Real Jobs Program," Huffington Post, September 9, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"CEO Follies," Huffington Post, August 22, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Tripped up by globalisation." Financial Times. August 18, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"A bank tax can help Greece avoid default." Financial Times. July 19, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Greece can be saved - here's how to do it." The Financial Times. June 30, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"A budget plan that puts people first." with Congressman Mike Honda. CNN. May 23, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"'Gang of Five'" Elite Deficit Talks Doing Disservice to Democracy," with Rep. Mike Honda, Huffington Post, May 23, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"The Global Economy’s Corporate Crime Wave," Project Syndicate, April 30, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Fairness and Efficiency in Taxation." Huffington Post. April 23, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"The People's Budget." The Huffington Post. April 8, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Stop this race to the bottom on corporate tax." Financial Times. March 28, 2011 [Download as PDF]

"The Arab World's Agents of Change." International Herald Tribune. March 28, 2011. [Download as PDF]


"America's Political Class Struggle," Huffington Post, December 27, 2010. [Download as PDF]

"In Search of Equilibrium." International Herald Tribune. December 2, 2010. [Download as PDF]

"America's Investment Crisis."  The Daily Beast. October 7, 2010. [Download as PDF]

"Moving Beyond Washington's Stale Economic Debate," Huffington Post, August 30, 2010. [Download as PDF]

"Sow the seeds of long-term growth." Financial Times, July 21, 2010. [Download as PDF]

"Time to plan for post-Keynsian era." Financial Times. June 7, 2010. [Download as PDF]

"A frugal policy is the better solution," with George Osborne. The Financial TImes. March 14, 2010. [Download as PDF]

"Rob rich bankers and give money to the poor." The Times. March 10, 2010. [Download as PDF]

"How to Tame the Budget Deficit," Huffington Post, 18 February 2010. [Download as PDF]

"How to Tame the Budget Deficit." Time Magazine. 4 February 2010. [Download as PDF]


"Rethinking Macroeconomics." Capitalism and Society: Vol. 4 : Iss. 3, Article 3. [Download as PDF]

"America's Broken Politics." The Guardian. 23 November 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Obama has lost his way on jobs," Financial Times. 11 November 2009. [Download as PDF]

"American has passed on the baton." Financial Times. 29 September 2009.

"The G-20: bring on the peer pressure." 25 September 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Bank Bonuses and the Reform Agenda in the Balance." Huffington Post. 6 August 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Paying for What Government Should Do." Scientific American. May 2009.

"Needed: A Fiscal Framework -- Not a Stimulus." Scientific American. April 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Homegrown Aid." The New York Times. 8 April 2009. [Download as PDF]

"The Geithner-Summers plan is worse than you think," with Laurence J. Kotlikoff. Financial Times. 6 April 2009. [Download as PDF]

"The Geithners-Summers Plan is Even Worse Than We Thought." Huffington Post. 6 April 2009. [Download as PDF]

"G20 Accomplishments Beyond Expectation." Huffington Post. 2 April 2009. [Download as PDF]

"The Economic Need for Stable Policies, Not a Stimulus." Scientific American. March 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Making Rich Guys Richer." Huffington Post. 29 March 2009.  [Download as PDF]

"Crisis with a Cure." Financial Times Health Supplement. 26 March 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Obama's bank plan could rob the taxpayer." Financial Times. 25 March 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Will Geithner and Summers try to raid the FDIC and Fed?" Huffington Post. 23 March 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Capitalism and Moral Sentiments." Huffington Post. 21 March 2009. [Download as PDF]

"3 billion poor people need world's help." 20 March 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Transforming the Auto Industry." Scientific American. February 2009. [Download as PDF]

"How to Bring Back the Big 3." Fortune. 17 February 2009. [Download as PDF]

"A Proposal on How to Clean Up the Banks." Huffington Post. 12 February 2009. [Download as PDF]

"5 Points on the Critical State of the Economy." Huffington Post. 9 February 2009. [Download as PDF]

"A strategy of contingent nationalisation." Financial Times. 5 February 2009.  [Download as PDF]

"Rewriting the rule book for 21st Century capitalism." The Guardian. 28 January 2009. [Download as PDF]

"The stimulus is a fiscal straitjacket."'s The Economists' Forum. 27 January 2009. [Download as PDF]

"The Case for Bigger Government." Time Magazine. 8 January 2009. [Download as PDF]


"Priorities for Fixing the Financial Crisis." Scientific American. December 2008.

"Monday Meltdown: How Lehman's Fall Created a Global Panic." Fortune. 15 December 2008. [Download as PDF]

Testimony to the Committee on Financial Services on "Stabilizing the Financial Condition of the American Automobile Industry." 19 November 2008.
[Download as a PDF]

"A Bridge for the Carmakers." Washington Post. 17 November 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Elite Education, Advanced Research and Innovation - Europe and the US in the Face of Challenges from the 'New World'" 8th Haniel Lecture, Duisburg, Germany, November 13, 2008
[Download in PDF format]

"Obama Needs Time to Rescue Economy." Irish Times. 11 November 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Work With the World: The US cannot go it alone if it is to get through the financial mess." The Guardian. 10 November 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Boom, Bust, and Recovery in the World Economy." Project Syndicate. October, 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Coping with a Persistent Oil Crisis." Scientific American. October 2008.

"The Best Recipe for Avoiding a Global Recession." Financial Times. 27 October 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Amid the rubble of global finance, a blueprint for Bretton Woods II." The Guardian. 21 October 2008. [Download as PDF]

"How to Rebuild America." Fortune. 14 October 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Puzzlement at banks' bail-out while aid commitments flounder." Financial Times. 23 September 2008. [Download as PDF]

"Stagflation is Back. Here's How to Beat It." Fortune. 9 June 2008.


"Resolving the Debt Crisis of Low-Income Countries," Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 2002:1.
[Download paper as PDF]


"Brazil Fever," in The Milken Institute Review, Second Quarter, 1999.
[Download paper as PDF]

"Global Financial Crisis: Lessons for Egypt", Conference- Growth Beyond Stabilization: Prospects for Egypt, Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, February 1999.
[Download paper as PDF]

"The Asian Financial Crisis: What Happened and What is to be Done," with Wing Thye Woo, Davidson Institute Working Paper No. 253, January 1999.
[Download paper as PDF]


"The East Asian Financial Crisis: Diagnosis, Remedies, Prospects," with Steve Radelet, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Issue 1, 1998.
[Download paper as PDF]

"Toward a New Strategy for Asian Recovery," Singapore Straits-Times, 26 July 1998. [Download as PDF]

"Onset of the East Asian Financial Crisis," with Steven Radelet, presented at NBER Currency Crisis Conference and to US Agency for International Development, January 1998. 
[Download paper as PDF]


"The IMF: A Power unto Itself," Financial Times, December 11, 1997. [Download as PDF]

"International Monetary Failure? The IMF's prescriptions might actually make Asia's financial turmoil worse," Time, December 8, 1997. [Download as PDF]


"Default and Renegotiation of Latin American Foreign Bonds in the Interwar Period," with Erika Jorgensen, in B. Eichengreen and P. Lindert (eds.), A Long Run Perspective on the Debt Crisis, 1989. . Also NBER Working Paper No. 2636, June 1988.
[Download paper as PDF]