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Topic: Europe

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"What the US Can Learn from Denmark About Happiness!" Huffington Post, September 9, 2013.

"J.F.K. and the Power of Practical Idealism," International Herald Tribune, June 9, 2013.

"Why Turkey is Thriving," Project Syndicate, May 27, 2013.

"Time to End the Tax Havens," Huffington Post, May 9, 2013.

"Austerity exposes the global threat from tax havens," Financial Times, April 29, 2013. [Download PDF here]

"Suffer the Children, Suffer the Country," Project Syndicate, April 22, 2013.

"Paths to Sustainable Power," Project Syndicate, March 28, 2013.

"A Better Way to Fight Climate Change," Project Syndicate, February 28, 2013. Download as [PDF]

"Mali is just the latest example of failed western thinking," Financial Times, February 7, 2013. [Download PDF]

"That was no cliff. It was a kids’ playground," Times of London, January 2, 2013. Download as [PDF]


"How the Right is Wrong About Happiness," Huffington Post, December 20, 2012. Download as [PDF]

"Finding the Keys to National Prosperity," Project Syndicate, September 26, 2012. Download as [PDF]

"Waiting in Vain for the Quick Fix," Huffington Post, August 6, 2012. Download as [PDF]

"How to have growth beyond stimulus," Financial Times A-List, June 7, 2012. Download as [PDF]

"To save the eurozone, save the banks," Financial Times A-List, May 21, 2012. Download as [PDF]

"We must move beyond growth versus austerity," Financial Times, May 7, 2012. Download as [PDF]

"A World Adrift," Project Syndicate, 22 April 2012. [Download as PDF]

"The Happiest Countries Are in Northern Europe," with John Helliwell and Richard Layard. Huffington Post, March 30, 2012. [Download as PDF]


"Gorbachev and the Struggle for Democracy," Huffington Post, December 26, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Western politicians are dire, but we mustn't despise government," The Guardian, December 16, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"How America is strangling the state," Financial Times, December 15, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Let's Save the Eurozone From Itself," Sunday Business Post, November 12, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Emerging economies are key to the eurozone’s survival," Financial Times, November 7, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Now is the moment to bring banks to heel," Daily Mail, November 3, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Obama, the G20, and the 99 Percent," Huffington Post, November 1, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Plan B: Agree financial transaction tax," New Statesman, October 18, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"A bank tax can help Greece avoid default." Financial Times. July 19, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"Greece can be saved - here's how to do it." The Financial Times. June 30, 2011. [Download as PDF]

"A manifesto for the fund's new supremo."  The Financial Times. May 30, 2011. [Download as PDF]


"The G-20: bring on the peer pressure." 25 September 2009. [Download as PDF]

"G20 Accomplishments Beyond Expectation." Huffington Post. 2 April 2009. [Download as PDF]

"Go beyond small steps," in 'Room for debate: The Art of Persuasion at the G20 Summit.' New York Times. 1 April 2009. [Download as PDF]


"How to Help the Solidarity Movement Succeed," Financial Times, 26 September 1989.